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“No parent should prioritize their job before
the care of their sick child!”

Your donation can make a significant difference to a family struggling to care for their sick child. Whether you wish to pledge $500.00 to help a family pay their mortgage, $100.00 towards a families utility bill, or $50.00 towards a gas card for families who often travel; your contribution will be promptly put to good use. Whatever your donation may be, it will be greatly appreciated by the CJR Memorial Foundation.

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Your tax deductible contribution helps CJR Memorial Foundation extend funds to those families that are struggling to care for their sick child.

*CJR Memorial Foundation is a public 501(c)(3) organization and is classified for tax purposes as a tax-exempt public foundation.

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All checks can be made out directly to CJR MEMORIAL FOUNDATION and mailed directly to:

CJR Memorial Fund
1114 Dewberry Drive
Hawley, PA 18428